Product Development
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Botanx offers complete formulation development, deformualtion and reformulation services to clients.

Skin Care

Hair Care

Our formulation team integrate the newest trends in anti-aging technology to provide you with luxurious solutions to meet your sales and marketing goals.
Botanx produces "Sulfate Free", naturally based hair care solutions, styling products and straightening systems to provide what your discriminating clients demand.

Bath, Body and Spa

Baby Care

Home Fragrance

Pet Care

We offer formulations for natural and organic lotions, body washes, scrubs, bath salts, intimate care products and spa treatments utilizing gentle, exotic ingredients.
Scents evoke many emotions and we expertly pair essential oils and naturally derived fragrances with formulations for natural diffuser blends, room sprays and container candles.
We formulate a variety of mild, natural pet care formulations for grooming dogs, cats, horses and many more.
Gentle, mild and natural formulations define our approach to baby care. We produce a complete range including shampoos, conditioners, bath gels, bubble baths, diaper creams and baby powders.